Dual Skin Marker USA
Dual Skin Marker USA
Dual Skin Marker USA

Dual Skin Marker USA

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Dual Tip - Reg. & Ultra Fine Tip        


Excellent for the busy Tattoo Artist that have to change between Tattoo Markers and from small tattoos that takes one session to large tattoos that takes more than one session. 

The Permanent side of the Dual Tip will keep the Stencil you drew on your client until your next session and will not wash off with a  shower. So more money for you as you do not have to re-apply a stencil at a next session. After you have finished the piece and simply remove the remained of the marker pen with a cheap alcohol swap available at a few cents at any pharmacy which also serves to sterilise the working area.


The Dual Tip marker will help consolidate markers in the Tattoo Studio .


The Dual Tip Marker has waterproof permanent Ink on one side and surgical skin ink on the opposite side.

The waterproof marker side has an ultra fine tip  and the skin marker side has a Fine/Reg tip.


The Marker Pens are Near-Sterile. To those unfamiliar with the term, it means that the Marker Pens are made in a sterile environment but unlike fully sterile equipment, it can be re-used. Sterile product may only be used once and must be individually wrapped. Since Tattoo artist cannot buy one pen per client, we opted to get you the better priced re-usable Marker Pens.