Tattoo Soothe Gel USA

Tattoo Soothe Gel USA

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Tattoo Soothe is a topical gel used to help relieve pain, swelling and bleeding from procedures that repeatedly penetrate the skin. It has a swift, rapid-acting formal of 5% lidocaine, tetracaine and epinephrine. So if you need a product you can count on to keep your client in a more comfortable state, TATTOO SOOTHE is the solution. It can be used for body art and cosmetic procedures, laser, electrolysis, etc. Because clients feel less pain, artists can achieve greater clarity and realism and work longer without pain. While it's not a good idea to tattoo a client too much in one sitting due to "tattoo fever, " This will allow you to work longer on more detailed areas that require special attention This anesthetic contains 5% Lidocaine, 2% Tetracaine, .02% Epinephrine for numbing.

 1 oz Bottle of "TATTOO SOOTHE" Topical Anesthetic - Less Pain for your Customers Less pain during extended procedures.


  • Works on sensitive areas with less flinching
  • Get clearer results with less movement
  • Pain relief increases with each needle puncture
  • Keeps skin numb for hours with repeated application
  • Cosmetic Tattooing(eyelids, brows and lips)

Please Note:  KayKeo Tattoo Academy WILL NOT be liable for any allergic reaction